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Not getting enough fluoride? Dental Care of South Elgin in South Elgin can help.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to prevent tooth decay.

In addition to being added to many municipal drinking water systems, fluoride is also a key ingredient in almost all toothpastes. Studies conducted over several decades have shown fluoride to be both safe and effective. At Dental Care of South Elgin, we can determine if you are getting the right amount of fluoride for optimal dental health.

Fluoride provides benefits for teeth throughout your lifetime.

Fluoride is most effective when used preventatively. It is especially crucial during the time when teeth are forming – from infancy through the teenage years, and then again when baby teeth fall out and permanent, adult teeth come in. However, adults also need fluoride to keep their teeth strong and prevent decay.

The lower the fluoride level, the greater the risk for tooth decay

If you aren’t getting enough fluoride, you're at an increased risk for tooth decay, no matter your age. Adding fluoride to your teeth is simple – just make an appointment to learn more.

At Dental Care of South Elgin, we offer mouth rinses with specialized fluorides in a variety of flavors. If your fluoride levels are very low, we might recommend additional supplementation. Make your next appointment today and get all your questions about fluoride answered. Give us a call at 630-883-8146.