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Local anesthesia options at Dental Care of South Elgin.

At Dental Care of South Elgin, we want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your dental procedure. We offer local anesthesia to numb the areas around your teeth and gums so that you can get the care you need without feeling any pain.

Types of numbing injections

There are two types of numbing injections that our dentists use. Both options involve injecting a local anesthetic, such as lidocaine, into the tissues around your mouth. The first type is a block injection that numbs an entire area of your mouth, for example one side of your lower jaw. The second type is an infiltration injection, which is for smaller, more direct areas, such as a specific tooth.

To start these numbing injections, your dentist will dry the targeted area with air or cotton. A numbing gel may also be applied. Then, the local anesthesia is injected and completely numbs the targeted area in as little as a minute or two. You remain awake but feel reduced sensation in the area and, most importantly, no pain. This type of anesthesia is beneficial for short outpatient procedures like cavity fillings but may not be sufficient for more complex procedures.

Worry-free dentistry

We know that many patients feel nervous about going to see the dentist. That’s why at Dental Care of South Elgin, we make every procedure as easy and painless as possible.

Local anesthesia allows you to comfortably get dental. The only side affects you may feel are a few hours of numbness and tingling, but as with any procedure side effects vary for each patient.

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